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Automate your scheduled closings from start to finish!

Streamline Closings with Our Revolutionary Mortgage and Real Estate Platform. We provide the cutting-edge solution to eliminate scheduling headaches and errors for mortgage and real estate professionals. Our innovative platform automates notary bookings and scanback processing, so that your team can focus on packaging and new closing assignments while we do the rest of the work for you!

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Discover the revolutionary possibilities for streamlined property settlements with our cutting-edge closing solutions. From high-tech remote options to secured IPEN networks and classic in-person signings, we provide customized closing services to fit your specific needs and timeline.


Input your closing details and we will find the Notary and book the closing with your borrowers, sellers or buyers. We will follow through from beginning to end.

Track your Closing

Our real-time monitoring platform keeps you in the loop from the moment the notary is booked through delivery, so you always know when they're hired, if they made it to closing on time, and each step of the process until your package arrives safely.


Our notaries lend capable assistance with document packaging when the escrow team needs to prioritize other essential tasks. Our specially-trained professionals ensure packaging is given after scanbacks when requested so everyone stays focused on closing.


We analyze each closing document thoroughly to verify all necessary criteria for file funding prior to FEDEX or UPS shipment to prevent unsatisfactory delays for customers expecting expedient deliveries. We understand there is a disbursment date and cutoff time that needs to be met.

Recieve High-Fived Ratings

After finishing up, anticipate stellar reviews highlighting our hand-picked Notaries efficiency. These will prompt further business through your lender contacts who can send more clients your way!

Hassle Free Scheduling in 4 Easy Steps

Fill out New Closing
Order Form

Access your personal dashboard hassle-free, answer a few closing details, and we'll plan a certified Notary visit to finalize your process.

Signing Agent is Hired

The Notary Signing Agent will then call the borrowers to confirm a convient time frame to close. They will abide each Notary instructions and ensure all docs are filled out.

Documents are Shipped

Documents undergo thorough checks and scans to meet standards. We review them carefully before the NSA ships orders out timely. Customers can monitor and track packaging status.


View every file ever created during our partnership via an online invoice keeping your records organized and accessible.

Drive funded closings at Sign With Trust

Frequently asked questions

If our responses did not fully address your inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for further assistance.

What Is a Signing Service?

We are a third party signing agency who contract elite notaries for title companies, escrow officers, mortgage companies, lenders, etc. Our service allows the Title Company, Escrow Officer, Mortgage Company, etc. to not have to do a single thing when closings are ready to be closed.

Why Hire a Signing Service?

Your Closing Guaranteed Stress-Free with Our Hand-Picked Notaries Arriving On Time, Completing Paperwork, Funding Before Deadlines through Vigilant Scanback Checking.

How can we get a preferred Notary out to close every single time?

Our highly knowledgeable notaries continuously expand document expertise through rigorous fidelity vetting to ensure full comprehension of every document presented at closing.

Are we 24/7?

Our platform allows you to place an order at any time and hire a Notary exactly when needed.

Can our Notaries close remotely?

We have instant reach of Online Notarization Across the Globe. Our extensive network of certified notaries can facilitate secure remote online notarizations within seconds, from anywhere in the world. Experience the future of conveyancing.

Hours of Operation

We operate 24/7 all day, every day to meet the needs of customers from coast to coast with no downtime.

Are your Notaries Vetted?

For our notaries to work with us, they have to take an interview, undergo a background check, and have insurance and certifications for certain webinars. Our main focus is hiring fidelity-approved and vetted agents.

Are we Commissioned, Bonded & Insured?

Ready, set, insured - Our team of commissioned, bonded, and insured notaries carry protection so you can sign easily. When we notarize your documents, count on an agency that is insured with up to one million dollars.

Our Goal

To be able to maintain and accept all orders and remove all frustration from lenders no matter how high the closing volume gets we will have a Signing Agent out to close within seconds. We want to automate your scheduling with no bugs, errors, mistakes, hold backs, late funding, etc.

Our Drive

Funding is what drives us to work every day! We get excited when escrow and title closes another home and is able to hand over the keys. Making the clients home-buying experience the ultimate event of their lives is more than a passion, here at Sign With Trust.

Our Mission

To build trust with every client and provide a more profound and meaningful closing. To be known in the closing world by our profession to serve every buyer/seller with a phenomenal astounding signing table experience!

Does Sign With Trust have an App?

Remain in the know with real time status and updates. Add as many members needed to view your dashboard portal all from one app or desktop. Keeping track of active and completed closing orders. FOR FREE, FOREVER!

We are a Global and National Professional Signing Service that schedule and hires preferred and vetted notaries to conduct and close a more

profound and assiduous experience no matter the state.

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