Why Sign With Trust

Greetings, Settlement Agents!

We are ready to take action on the first ring! We have live schedulers and higher management that are revising and overseeing the whole process. We also evaluate every Signing Agent for EVERY closing. In order to achieve higher TRUST we continue to up our services every time! So next time you automatically know who to call when looking for a industry-leading software!

We want to conduct a more profound and assiduous closing!

When looking to close on an investment property or primary residence.

You are looking for a Notary Signing Agent who knows their stuff!

Who doesn’t have any knowledge barriers or blocks that can prevent the customer from understanding what they are signing or mentioning.

We are super flexible!

We have Notaries willing to close at 5 AM, 6 AM, and 10 PM.

You name it!

A Notary who wants to make a difference in your borrower's lives will be out to close trust within seconds!

Your signers will never have to cancel a trip or reschedule.

We have active Remote Online Notaries ready to take your call!

Permit Runners are ready to approve your new construction site.

Field inspectors are ready to inspect.

Marriage Officiants are open and ready to make a more spontaneous moment.

Fingerprinting services that are super accommodating.

The list goes on. If you just can’t find one. You know who to call!

You're probably asking, how can we hire an accurate and trustworthy Signing Agent every single time without any dilemmas or issues?

If there happens to be any which is very rare and has never happened.

To prevent this from happening we take the extra precaution to resolve the situation immediately during scan-backs to make sure your clients home funds without any problems.

We took on this job to not only hire the notary but to execute greatness and a closing that will fund.

We took the toll to create and build a system that works for every Title Company, Escrow Officer, Lenders, etc.

This online platform is designed for you to not only allow you to place the order but also cancel, change, or delete the order on file.

Throughout every transaction, every Notary Signing Agent we hire is required to follow our Trust Guide. This guide is like no other.

Instead of just listing the issues that can occur.

We decided to add solutions that can help you prevent difficulty and increase productivity by adding solutions.

This also gives a great chance and opportunity for the Signing Agent to take charge of every single responsibility there is to follow throughout every closing with our guide.

We have built a goal system for every Notary Partner working with us!

To evaluate trust. After every transaction, we are making sure the person scheduling your file takes the time to evaluate whether or not the Signing Agent is really preferable.

Once they have completed 3 consecutive overall guest experiences and placed higher standards and have continued to up their services.

The Notary will then be promoted as a Golden Notary.

They will be able to have access to closings faster than others and continue to provide greater services!

Restrictions are being met to make sure the Notary is prompt.

Guessing if we can hire them is also scary.

Not taking the time to interview the closer hired is like buying a home with your eyes closed.

Each Notary hired must pass a background check, have proper E & O and insurance, a proper bond amount, and have acceptable experience.

We quiz them live during the process at orientation to make sure they are knowledgeable of each document they will present to the borrowers to sign. They must know the difference between a Jurat and an Acknowledgment.

They must also know the difference between an oath and affirmation, their code of conduct, their state laws, what verbiage means, what TRID means and so much more! We aren’t just looking to hire a professional.

We want to bring esteemed and talented Signing Agents to your next closing!

Each month we have new opportunities to make a difference in your customers biggest purchase experience.

We can either fail them or we can continue to give them the overall and best service quality there is by providing one of the highest performance levels one can possibly give at the closing table!

We love to sign and witness papers but making the borrowers feel special is what truly matters! We care about quality over quantity.

We are here for you to place and close TRUST on every transaction!

Hire a well-performing team of professionals who are eagerly waiting to accept your call on the first ring!

A team that is committed to serving your party with the highest quality possible.

A driven platform that automates your process from start to finish.

A platform that doesn’t require you to be a client.

An industry-leading platform that updates and replies effectively.

Never miss a moment on what is happening at closing or where your documents are! We will inform you and keep you in the loop at all times.

You will know what exactly is happening and what exact time your documents will arrive.

We have an app where you can track your package from the moment you place your order all the way until it is delivered to the front steps of your office.

Going above and beyond is one of the things we are committed to doing in every loan transaction.

We all get excited when your home buyers can receive their keys to their new homes with no delays.

At Sign With Trust, we are looking for motivated, dedicated, and passionate individuals who are ready to close a more profound and assiduous closing. Whether it’s hand delivering docs even though it’s another 30 min drive.

Or picking up the phone always and never backing down from a signing.

There are so many ways to get business but we aren’t looking for those marketing skills listed above. Again, as said we care more about quality over quantity.

We are looking for professionals who are eager to build a stronger relationship and have an esteemed reputation for every buyer or seller!

We make the little things BIG!

By triple checking documents or even checking the fourth time when arriving early.

Preparing the table for success and organizing the area for the signers.

Bringing recession calendars, giving the borrowers a copy, writing the borrowers name, today's date, initials, etc. Calling two hours before to make sure the clients are still ready to sign.

Checking in with Escrow to see if we can make any final adjustments, help with packaging or check in to see if it was funded with no errors.

Or confirming with the borrowers the wife must be present.

Not moving the borrowers around a crazy schedule and allowing the signers to choose a convenient time and location.

There are so many reasons you should consider partnering with our team.

Here are a few. You can earn money and learn several ways to boost and master your Notary Business.

Or you can become a client and let our team do the work for you. Either or we are ready to submit and close TRUST!

Hiring a preferred, assiduous, impeccable, trustworthy, reliable, and professional closer has just gotten a lot more easier!

If you are clear to close and ready to place trust in our services you can call our office at any time.

We can’t wait to get a Notary out to close within seconds and/or minutes.

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