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After several years of closings, I've mastered streamlining the process to rapidly fix errors and accommodate all scan backs for funding verification. I carefully vet notaries to ensure they deeply understand closings and documents. My focus is reducing errors to build trust between title companies, escrow officers, lenders, and more. I leverage my team's expertise to assign knowledgeable notaries for each transaction - whether HELOCs, refis, or buyers, etc. Our reps review if the Notary had to pull backup docs, to ensure respect for all parties. If we can't close, it's on us - not just free, but we'll pay for another signing agent to get it right.

Angel Davids
CEO & Founder


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We are consistent, patient, and professional giving each new client our undivided attention whilst walking you through the process! With our services you should expect the best! In a challenging and constantly changing market we help our clients overcome their most complex issues and solve them immediately. You may ask, what’s different about our services? We deliver and always offer a high level of great customer service and dedication to improve every task given to our knowledge! Consistantly conducting an enthusiastic closing for every signing. We must continue to grow our customers' and contractors' experience by upping our service every time!

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" Encouraging Impeccable Notaries to Make a Lasting Difference. As the founder, my passion is to encourage notaries to build fulfilling careers where they can make a meaningful impact. Having worked in the field myself, I understand the challenges notaries face. My goal is to not just hire notaries, but cultivate their professional development through training, mentoring and unity-building. I aim to drive notaries forward, equipping them with the skills to excel and close more deals. To better support notaries, I will continue creating innovative projects and platforms for growth. My commitment is to make a lasting, positive difference for these impeccable professionals who are so vital to our industry. Together, let's elevate the notary profession. "

Angel Davids


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